Motivation to Work Out

We all have our own idea of the perfect body but sometimes the thought itself isn't enough to get us moving towards it and actually work for it. Here are 3 tips I have on ways to stay motivated to work out:

1. have a goal in mind


You're not gonna be willing to do something unless you have a game plan. This could range from wanting to lose weight, build muscular strength, tone your arms, butt, legs, etc. but always constantly remind yourself what's something about you you'd like to accentuate. In other words, what is it you want to gain out of all this. Also, don't have your mind set at "I wish..."instead, adjust it to "I will..."

2. create a workout playlist

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Nothing can make you feel so pumped on doing something as much as music can. Why not create a playlist dedicated to only when you're working out? Include songs that not only makes you feel good but also makes you want to stay at the gym longer because you're already in the zone. 
I find upbeat songs or remixes with bass drops are what keeps me the most pumped when I'm lifting those heavy weights.

3. follow fitness accounts on social media


If you're big on social media usage, then this will do you good. What's great about this is when these accounts add a post, it'll show on your feed and this could act as a constant reminder of your fitness goals mentioned in tip 1.
Probably the best inspiration I get are from these. An added plus is when they post video clips that show many ways on how they work out. Here are my top favorite fitness accounts I follow on Instagram:
  • Linn Lowes (@linnlowes)
  • Pamela Reif (@pamela_rf)
I'm sure motivation varies among all of us but these are just a few I wanted to share since it's worked for me. Hopefully this helped for you too!

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