Parents have one thing that they want for their children and that's to have a better life than they've had. One thing that Talisa Richards doesn't regret is starting her self proclaimed blog KLASSIC T BABY.  Talisa was attending university at the University of Florida, while dealing with many personal issues that she hide from her family, there's one thing that her parents did not want her to do and that was working while getting her degree. Her parents wanted her to focus on her studies, but she knew nothing more than working and making her own money. Due to that she worked less hours and focused on her studies. She was very stressed and could not take it anymore she decided that she wanted to get back to her grind and earning money for not only her personal life but university life as well. She is a alumni of the sorority house Delta Phi Epsilon. While, in her sorority one of her sorority sisters had created a blog and started doing collaborations with some of her favourite brands. Talisa had the idea since her parents didn't want her to work too much hours why not go into business for herself and see where it takes her. Before, creating klassictbaby.com; Talisa was just doing post on her instagram promoting her favourite brands. Overtime, she had gained more and more of an audience and she continued with her success. 

The site began as a daily dose of outfit inspirations, workout routines,  recipes, different healthy choices in meals, and living a healthy fun free lifestyle before growing into an aspirational while still relatable aesthetic for all things coveted. (With more than 83K followers no less.)

KLASSIC T BABY covers everything from fashion to fitness training to make-up tutorials (even though she does not like make-up she still makes an effort to do them for her readers). KLASSIC T BABY is your single-source destination for the captivating world of Talisa. Check back for up-to-date info on the nightlife-leading, fitness-crazed, DOGGY loving blogger. We can't wait for the next collaboration; can you?


Too often, fashion becomes about the model—and I’m not a model. I don’t even like wearing makeup, but I wear it to look decent. What I do like are clothes, and that’s where I want my readers to focus.  And if you do want to know about me—and my unhidden face—feel free to follow on Instagram- @talisa_xxox or @klassictbaby- for updates for the blog. 

Here is where you get a taste for all things that I am doing in life from the latest trends to workout routines, different food options, and my favourite of all you all get to know me through story time about things that you don't know about me. Not only do you get to see what I am all about but also I will be taking you along with me to all the different opportunities that come my way. Essentially,  KLASSIC T BABY is blog for your inspiration. I get inpsiration from my favourite fashion bloggers, lifestyles bloggers etc, and then I create my own style and post from my experiences to inspire you all. 
Anyone who exists online is an extrovert it takes a lot to put yourself out there everyday. There will always be people trying yo tear you down, but remember: you're the one creating something where there was once nothing.  This coming from someone who's been bullied by her peers her whole life. I know what it's like to be picked one and tormented by others it's not fun at all. I encourage all my followers to ignore, block, repeat. This blog means everything to me and it gives a kind of self-confidence that I never thought I had before. And its all thanks to you ALL for being apart of this with me. Thank you guys for everything. And I thank all of you to let me express myself with you all. THANK YOU 1 MILLION I LOVE YOU!



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