Lisa's Breakup Playlist


        Talisa Richards 

We saw all your DMs, comments, and requests for Lisa’s breakup playlist, so here it is. The backstory from Lisa:

“I just started my new job, along with starting I was put on a podcast with three others young women who I've become super close with, since I was dealing with a newly recent breakup, music is my therapy for whatever I'm dealing with or emotions that I may be feeling at that point in time. So, our podcast name is very generic, in my opinion its called “tea room” in our podcast we discuss everything music, one of the segments on is called “tea time with t”, which is my segment, in the segment I discuss everything happening in the music scene and I create new playlist for each week, the topics of conservation on this particular week was heartbreak songs, and this is how my breakup playlists were created.”

Lisa also shared, “It’s important to really feel your feelings and mourn the relationship, so there are some sob-your-eyes-out sad songs, but there are songs that also lift you up and help to make you feel good and remember that you’re strong and will get through it—it’s somewhat of a progression, just like the normal crazy waves of emotions that usually come with a breakup. Some of the songs are on it so you can have hope for the future. It’s not to make you depressed but to let it out and ultimately feel better. It’s in a specific order, and one of the last songs is ‘Strong Enough’ so you end on a positive note. And it makes me laugh.”

Even if you’re not going through a heartbreak, it’s a solid curation to get some pent-up feelings out.

Listen to Lisa’s Breakup Playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

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