Monthly Shops: July

Hi guys the last few months has been a busy one between work, graduate school, and trying to be a young adult things have been nuts. Alas, I can say that I am so happy with everything that I have been working on and some pretty amazing meetings coming up in terns of what's in store for KLASSIC T BABY! My new manager is one in a million I love her so much. My making my brand better than ever and I grateful I get to share with ALL OF YOU! I hope you ALL are as excited as I am. I know I should'nt blame not posting on things that I could easily take control over but I promise the real post is coming tomorrow. Many of you on Twitter were asking me through Direct Messaging  to do a post about what I have purchased in the last couple of months. To be honest I haven't really shopped as much as I wanted to. One, being  a lot of what I received were PR packages and many of you saw through either Twitter or Instagram stories. Most of my shopping purchases have been at SEPHORA, yessssssssss lots and lots of make-up.  Hope you can forgive me. A lot of which I don't need to talk about because you ALL are aware of what I love to purchase from there. Many of you asked about what types of shoes do I wear in the summer as causal or dressy. As many of you know I have become an ambassdor recently for Adidas, which I am so grateful for the opportunity! Many of you know I love my Yeezys they're EVERYTHING. But I do wear other shoes I promise!   I love a good slide or  bootie for semi-dressy casual outfit. I can't forget a thong style sandal or gladiator style sandal- which might I add is one of my favourites. Below are links and the photo of two purchases I made recently at Nordstrom hope you find them as stylish and amazing as I do

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