Hi my babies, hope many of you are enjoy the snow. I have a treat for you. Many of you have been DMing   me asking about different shops that I go to shop for vintage things. Well to answer your question I go to many different vintage shops. Some of them are located in my hometown of New York and others I have found through other bloggers who are well known and know where to find the goods.

Many of you that have been with me through the years knows that I am a sucker for labels and luxury. Although I do share with you all where you can get the look likes and many of you have shared with me some of your vintage finds which I have went out and found as well. Thank you for your loyalty and sharing with me. I don't know how I have become so grateful to have so many of you. Thank you again.

Some of the vintage shops that I have found items are What Goes Around Comes Around New York  (WGACA), and The Vintage Twin. Both of these shops are located in New York for my NYC followers look into them, there my favorite to go to. What Goes Around Comes Around New York is also located in other states such as LA so for my California followers you'll be able to purchase for them in LA. A few others are Tradesy, which is in a form of an app, fashion bloggers and non-fashion bloggers post their used vintage or luxury items. Some of the items post are new. Some of them are used but it quality and real. I got one of my Gucci bags from the app that was only used one time. Frankies Collective, which is a women's vintage street style rework of luxury clothing this company is awesome I love them so much. There's so many out just search them up.

But here is what you all been waiting for, hence the title 'Cozy in Chanel' a couple months back I had a purchased a Vintage Chanel Cozy fur jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around New York, one of my favorite pieces I ever purchased. Now that its winter time I have decided to change it up a little and bring out many of my vintage pieces that I have purchased in past and have not worn. Here it is, one of my favorite pieces ever.
Jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around      Pants from Top Shop


  1. OMG is this available still?

  2. I love this its so beautiful

  3. Yay, Happy New Year! I love this post and your jacket is fab

  4. Amazing awesome post. Is this still available

  5. This is so amazing I want this jacket




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