There is an exciting energy that goes into the start of every new season. It’s an inexplicable optimism, one of fresh starts, hopeful “seize the season” plans, different produce at the farmers market, and recipes to try. And it happens four times a year, so unlike the new year, if you don’t do everything you’d hoped to do this round, there’s always next season in a few short months. Well at Poosh, the top of our seasonal lists always includes flowers.
Arrangements are a thoughtful gift, whether that gift is to yourself or someone special. It’s also the most cost-effective way to change things up in your home, be it a seasonal altar, a centerpiece, or just a little something on your nightstand.
Flora evokes emotion, sure.  But some plants channel a specific mood an energy that helps kick that seasonal optimism into high gear. It feels like you’re really embracing your environment’s changes and rolling with nature, instead of rigidly set in the same ways, day after day, sleet, snow, or shine.
We chatted with Ulanda G, who is my mum and the reason why I love roses in my home  , who feels equally (OK, maybe more) passionately about this as we do. He says that as we leave the warmer seasons, our fresh flower options decrease, but that doesn’t have to mean our vases collect dust in the cupboards, forlornly dormant until spring.
“My go-tos for the autumn season are always sunflowers and roses. Daisies. Lots of red, orange, and yellow flowers. I love even adding some oak leaves to fill it,” says my mum. The grayer the skies, the deeper the warm hues, which sets a truly warming tone for your hearth or the rim of your bathtub. You can likely find oak leaves and extras at your local flower market or floral design shop, but foraged items add a personal touch and a story. Plus, you have to go exploring outside to find pieces, which is an opportunity to get grounded.
And in the wintertime? My mum  goes for “fresh pine all day, every day!” He loves having fresh pine during the holidays. And the best part is that my mum assures us that it’s very simple to get your hands on fresh pine. “You can go to a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and grab a fresh pine wreath. It makes the house smell like magic.” He is also down with a fresh pine garland, along with some poinsettias to brighten up the house.
While we can’t seem to wait for boots and sweater season, by the time winter comes to a close, we are positively foaming at the mouth for spring. Nothing says spring quite like an organic and rustic-looking twiggy branch from a cherry blossom tree. Get it while the buds are closed and stick it in water with some seeded eucalyptus and maybe a dramatic protea for balance, and wait for them to open up. The scent is sweet and a little sexy. Spring personified.
Cockscomb and bird of paradise are super-chic statement flowers for summer. Or, go classic and crisp with a single-flower bouquet of hydrangeas for volume. The heady aromas from these orb-like mini bouquets of their own are instantly mood-elevating. There are so many fresh sprigs of green to play around with in the summer, so have fun fleshing out your vessels with wild shapes and fresh greenery. It’s hard to create a “bad” bouquet, and there are so many cute vessel options for any size bunch in any room in the house, so let your creative juices flow, and either way, you’ll come up smelling of roses.


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