{above slices are from Joe’s Pizza. Photo by Jin soo}
New Yorkers take their pizza seriously. Very, very seriously. In fact, I’ve heard almost as many heated debates about “the best pizza places in New York..” as I have about the Mets VS Yankees. I happened to be in a relationship with a self proclaimed “pizza connoisseur,” but of course, these are just our personal opinions. We haven’t tried every single pizza place in all 5 boroughs, but we’ve tried a lot. Here are the favourites:
The Best Pizza in NYC Di Fara
{Domenick, also known as ‘Dom,’ working his magic}


A true Brooklyn institution and easily in our top three slices of all time. When I asked my  personal Twitter feed what their #1 favourite pizza was,  the debate (as expected) was taken seriously, but Di Fara’s was picked the most above all. This is also coming from a group of native Brooklynites/New Yorkers.The same owner for over 45 years, Domenico De Marco, puts his heart and soul into the pizza using only the freshest ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grated Parmigiano, the best Italian olive oil all topped with fresh basil, which he cuts by hand. If you don’t come right at opening, be prepared to wait even longer than usual. Wait times can vary between 30 minutes-2 hours. Also, don’t be shocked when you’re asked to fork over about $5 for each slice, but personally, I think it makes more sense to get a pie ($28)!
Few more things: They’re closed Monday and Tuesday. They’re closed between 4:30-6:30pm every day and it’s cash only.
Tip: if you do happen to get a seat inside (we often get our slices and eat in the car – very classy!) it’s BYOB! Pizza and wine? Sign me up.


The Best Pizza in NYC Paulie Gee'sThis place has become a regular Sunday evening spot for many of my friends. It’s cozy with the perfect atmosphere, but most importantly, the variety of pizza toppings and combinations is to-die-for. Also, where Di Fara’s is considered a real pizza joint, this is what we call “fancy pizza..”  it’s a sit down place with $15-$18 pies, but dollars and calories aside, it’s so worth it. My friends and I often have friendly debates about what our favorite pies are, but all pretty much agreed that the Hellboy (a bit spicy!) and Cherry Jones are our top two.
The Best Pizza in NYC Joe's


As Jin soo said to me: “This is my “I could eat this damn pizza everyday” pizza. Located in what we call pizza row, in the Village. Keep your eyes peeled because you could be eating pizza next to any random celebrity in disguise, just to get a taste of this pizza gem. Thin crust, and tangy sweet tomato sauce. This is where you come for a real, no-frills, authentic NYC slice.
Tip: Known for their fresh mozzarella and plain slice. Also, cash only.
The Best Pizza in NYC Totonno


One of the few charcoal pizza places left in New York, in the heart of Coney Island. There have been a ton of imitators, but no one can match the simplicity and taste of Totonno’s. The plain and white pies are our personal favorites and another added bonus, bottled soda. My favourite combination!
The Best Pizza in NYC Luzzo's


Personally speaking, I like this place better than Grimaldi’s (which don’t get me wrong, is still great), so Luzzo’s won that spot on the list. Have to narrow it down somewhere, right? This place has one of the best Neapolitan style pies in the city with the bufala being my personal favorite!
The Best Pizza in NYC L&B Spumoni Gardens


Not only a pizza place, but a true Brooklyn landmark, with hand’s down, the best square slice, ever. The signature pie has a thick crust, and is most famous for having the cheese underneath the sauce.
If you end up getting one slice, make sure you get an edge so you can try the crust. Also, you cannot leave without getting some spumoni for dessert. Their other signature!
Tip: If you come here during warm weather months, there’s great outdoor seating.
The Best Pizza in NYC New Park


Growing up in the Rockaways (a short ride away from Howard Beach), I’ve been eating New Park since I’ve been a teenager. My friends and I would always take a little drive to get what I still consider, one of the best slices in all of New York. I asked Keith his opinion and he completely agrees. Made in a brick oven, with crust that’s the perfect combination of crispy and chewy, a sauce that’s slightly tangy, and topped with the perfect amount of melty mozzarella. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Unfortunately, this place is sort of out of the way. However, if you’re either on some sort of NYC pizza tour or determined to visit the best places the city has to offer, then this place is highly recommended.


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