For those who follow me on instagram, or have been following this blog for some time, might know that Keith and I take our pizza pretty seriously. While I tend to be pretty healthy during the week, that’s all balanced out by the consumption of some sort of pizza on the weekend. If I could eat any food for the rest of my life (calories not included), there’s no doubt that it would be pizza.  I just shared some of our favourite pizza places in Part I. This time around, I’m only adding three new additions to my list.
If you missed part I, you can see it HERE. Today, starting with the mouth watering pizza from the photo above.


Where: Soho | 27 Prince Street
In my opinion, currently the best square in NYC. Some might say that it’s still L&B Spumoni Gardens, but personally, I think the overall flavor here, specifically on the pepperoni slice, makes Prince Street even better. I first tried this place last summer and since then, I dream about it on a regular basis. Zesty sauce, crispy crust, all topped with melted fresh mozzarella and miniature pepperoni slices. There are no words.
The place is tiny and chances of you getting a seat are small, but it’s worth coming in and grabbing a few slices (or a pie) to go.
The Best Pizza in NYC


Where: Gowanus, Brooklyn & Brooklyn Heights
Currently my favorite coal oven pizza  that comes along with some of the freshest ingredients and slightly burnt crust, which I’m a sucker for. A few other reasons why this place, specifically the Gowanus location, is one of my favorites: they take reservations,  the service is always top notch and the best of them all? the complimentary roasted garlic and spicy peppers to put on your pie (or salads…or pasta).
The Best Pizza in NYC


Where: Bushwick, Brooklyn | 261 Moore Street
This brick oven pizza place has been a favorite among New Yorkers for years and there’s a good reason: it really is that good. They have a variety of pies, which are all spectacular, but my personal favorite: The Bee Sting! Crispy crust topped with fresh mozzarella, crunchy slices of soppressata and finished off with honey.Things to keep in mind: this place is always crowded so don’t expect to come here on a Friday night and stroll right in. There’s usually a long wait, even on a random Tuesday night. On the plus side, there’s an outdoor bar area outside, so grab a beer or a glass of wine and hang out. If you’d rather come and take your pie to go, there’s an outpost right next door.

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