How’d that end up there?

Oh the wonders of a woman’s purse. I’m the type of person that obviously doesn’t need but REALLYYY enjoys having a lot of necessary and not so necessary items on them at all times. Maybe I was deeply inspired by Mary Poppins and figured I too could bare allll the goods in a purse one day. These are the usual necessities to my daily excessiveness.
I am no stranger to losing keys in purses and coat pockets so having this Louis Vuitton key holder makes it significantly easier to spot. 
Allergies have unfortunately haunted me since I was a child. I find something so disruptive and nasty in someone constantly blowing their nose and sneezing. Though these tissues don’t help my germ freak nature, this makes the allergy process a little cuter in my opinion.
HAND SANITIZER IS A MUST. Something people may not know about me is that I am quite a germaphobe and having hand sanitizer with me is very important. You might not acknowledge the amount of germs we are in contact in opening doors, pressing elevator or crosswalk buttons or holding handrails but when you take a second, it’s actually quite disturbing. The world needs an aggressive wipe down. 
A new favorite product of mine is this Dior Rouge liquid lipstick. I have it in the color Fury and it’s a perfect light rosy/pink color. It also doesn’t come off as easily as some other lipsticks. I basically eat my lips so my lipsticks need to be durable. AND then there’s glitter. In my opinion, glitter makes almost everything better so why not have it on deck at all times? This particular glitter is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal line. And if you’re a man reading this, you too could and should rock some glitter as well.
MINI Fireball, or in this case Jameson. Now this may seem ridiculous to have but you never know when the occasion will arise to add a lil spice! (you’ll thank me later…)  
Last but definitely not least, the heart shaped rose quartz. It’s intention is for healing, keeping and attracting love and relieving pain and disappointment. All good things, no? I’m a big rock and crystal fan and the rose quartz has always been a favorite of mine. It’s nice to have little reminders and objects that are good for our health! 
What do you keep in your bag (or satchel?)! x
YSL Velvet bag (similar herehere, & here), Gucci wallet, Louis Vuitton Key Holder (old), Dior Lipstick, Glitter
Photos by Eric Unger

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