Saying Farewell to the Old & On to the New

This has has been really difficult for me to hold off on explaining because there was a a lot going on with everything. As you all know, I had been with the management company and my manager Hayley Grossman for over a little over a year. At first everything was going great I build many professional relationships, made many friends, and had amazing opportunities, which made me feel so good about all that I was doing. For once I was doing something for Talisa and not worrying what everyone would think of me. I was so happy when I came this management company they legit made me feel like a little princess, but then after my year and half with them things started to change. It was as if I was placed on a back burner when the new year started. In 2018, all these plans that were so happened different really happen. Don't get me wrong I did get to travel, but I'm  going to be honest with you my sponsors had to reach out to me personal. How is a management team going to say that they are helping a team if the they are not doing there jobs. It makes me so angry when I think about all that I had to deal with. All of this started happening at the end of February. I had heard from Hayley in three weeks and I was would email and call and she would basically ignore me. I just remember after it had become about three weeks I said forget this I will definitely not be needing their services. Before making this decision I said let me connect directly, you thought I was going to say oh they changed my mind and helped me. No, they were no help to me. I was so disappointed that they would treat clients like how they treated me. It made me really think about what I was really doing for myself and my blog. It made me so upset that did not take responsibility for their employees. I explained how I had heard from my manager in three weeks. I explained that I understand that she has others clients but she was the one that I had to talk with when it came to the opportunities that were coming my way. It upset me that they mistreated me. After, that phone call I knew right then and there it was time to make a change in my life and that was moving on from I called my friend who is another blogger, and a New Yorker as well and I just started crying saying how I wanted to give up and not blog anymore. She calmed me down and told me to explain to her what happening with my representation. After, explaining to her what has been going on she was so angry for me. Then she said I going to contact my representation and have her contact you and then you see where it goes from there. I was so grateful for all that she was doing for me and couldn't believe this was actually happening. I felt at ease after speaking with her. A week passed and I had a voice mail on my phone while I was at work. Yes,  I do have a job while blogging. Blogging is my part-time job while my job at the restaurant is my full-time. Yes, I did go to university and yes I am back again for a Masters. A girl has to do everything in her power to make ends meet. The grind never stops. I think this should answer all the questions that are going to be asked in the comments. Alright, back to the voice mail and missed call I had. When I got home I got myself together, which is my nightly routine, which is taking a shower after being at the restaurant all day and eating dinner and answering checking and answering emails, and checking on the blog of course. After, doing all of these things I listened to the voice mail message and it was my friends rep, she would was so kind and generous. After, listening to her message and I made a remind on my apple watch that I needed to contact her in the morning. It's now the next day, 9 AM, I made the call she answered right away we had a three hour conversation that day. After, that phone call she was ready to represent me. She told me to contact them and let them know that I will no longer need their service and then she wanted me to hold off on posting on the KLASSIC T BABY, instagram, and twitter. I did as I was told and started to make the necessary  changes for the myself and my blog. She contacted my sponsors to let them know of the changes. My sponsors were happy with the change. She has some exciting projects that I am going to be working on in summer. Can't wait to share with you guys. As of right now we will continue to post  KLASSIC READS, MONTHLY FAVOURITES, FASHION, BEAUTY ETC. Once I start my first project in May, I will post on instagram. Also another surprise KLASSIC T BABY finally has its own instagram- KTBBYTALISA   check it out. I will still post about blog stuff on my main instagram - TALISA_XXOX  always remember that you matter and never let anyone make you feel like you own them anything.

“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James. 

 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson.

Being kind to yourself in everyday life  in my experience one of the best things you can do for yourself. Life will become lighter and your relationships will most likely improve. You will feel happier overall. And your self-esteem and your sense of deserving good things in life will go up. But it is also one thing that is often neglected or something some may feel guilty about doing. To make a positive change with that simply start a new habit today. One of kindness and love towards yourself.


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