As you can tell by the title of this post, yesterday was a celebration for US ALL!!! Yesterday KLASSIC T BABY celebrated her 11th birthday, yes I created KLASSIC  T BABY, back in March of 2008. What a year that was not only was I not working; but I had a lot going on personally,  emotionally, physically, and mentally. 2008 was a year I will never forget. If you are a OG reader you know the post that I am talking about that explains everything that I had been dealing with my whole life. KLASSIC T BABY  is what is it because I took a step in direction where I just wanted to write to inspire and keep myself sane, but then opportunities came and I never looked back. I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support that YOU ALL show. The more and more I have opportunities coming my way. The most rewarding thing every is that I can share with you with without judgement. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart and I don't deserve anyone of you. the more I keep going YOU ALL continue to support and stand by me. I will never take Y'ALL LOVE FOR GRANTED AND I MEAN THAT FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART.

I love meeting y'all out and about, it makes me so happy! But it makes me so sad when y'all compare yourselves to me, I love you guys so much and let me tell you don't let all that I am doing make you feel like you have be like me, YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND LOVIN' AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR YOU, NEVER CHANGE I PROMISE BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF IS YOUR BEST SELF! You show me so much unconditional love all the time no matter what TF I'm dealing with.

You deserve to show yourselves that same kindness, credit, and love. Please learn to give that to yourselves! You will get there and you deserve it and I love you the very same way!

Yesterday to celebrate OUR birthday and 234,500 of YOU! I had a beautiful sent to me by the wonderful Hansen's Bakery and the amazing and loving Star Graze Jewelry sent me this beautiful necklace, which is a memoir to YOU my BABY BABY BABIES. Sweet dreams.

Thank you ALL for YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT love you soooooooooooo much. I know this is short but I wanted to wish YOU ALL A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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