Hi babies, two posts in one day?! Who am I?! Well as many of you know for those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I spent my time in Europe to end out one decade 2019 to ring in a new decade 2020! Can I say I enjoyed ever last bit of it. I really needed that break and it was the best break I could ever give myself. This trip was special because instead of going back to Greece with my family this year. I went to Paris, France with my good friend of over decade of friendship with his husband who've I've known since I was eleven  years old because our fathers have been friends since they were children, my handsome love, and we met up with our friends that we have that live in Paris. It was definitely a time to remember and I'm forever grateful for these moments. We spent three weeks in Europe in between our time in Paris, we went to Milan, Italy for four days to ring in 2020 and also meet up with best friend of 23 years and her husband. After, our four days in Milan we went back. Once, my best friend from Italy came back with us to Paris, and there is where our impromptu trip to the coast of Italy happened.

We had two days left in Paris, but we cut it down to one more day in Paris. What would  have been our second day and last day in Paris was our first day arriving in Naples. Here are the islands that we spent our time Portovenere, Capri, Portofino, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, and Positano. All of these beautiful places and I must say that I was in heaven the most amazing time and the best start to our new decade. I cannot wait to visit again in the summer, before heading to China, and South Korea. 2020 is not only a new decade, but going to be a decade of fond memories and big milestones and I can wait to share them all with you.

Now, to share a travel guide to two of the places we explored. Though I could share about all the places. this would be a novel. But I going to share places actually visited and places that we will go back to when its warm and everything is opened. Oh yeah I forgot disclaimer- because we decided to visit the coast of Italy in winter the coast of Italy is really quite. My best friend told us were going during the off season as she's stated, but regardless we had the best time. Here's a guide for your Spring/Summer travels to the coast of Italy. This is your guide for some of the magnificent places in Capri and Positano.



La Minerva – boutique hotel I stayed at owned by 3 brothers, I absolutely loved it!

Other hotels: J.K Place Capri, Caesar Augustus, Capri Tiberio, Quisisana, Punta Tragara


Le Sirenuse – the most beautiful hotel Ive ever stayed at, pricey but incredible.

Other hotels: San Pietro, Buca di Bacco, Poseidon, Villa Franca



La Fontelina – famous beach club with blue umbrellas, make a reservation for beach beds (you wont get seats otherwise) and have lunch there too.. wear sneakers for the walk (its a hike)!

Conca Del Sogna – most incredible place for lunch, do this on your boat day and come for lunch. Order the zucchini pasta!

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni – the other beach club next to Fontelina, great for lunch too!

Aurora – must for dinner, most delicious food!

Da Paolino – lemon tree restaurant, get the lemon pasta!

Ristorante De Mamma – michelin star, romantic

L’Ulivo – two michelin stars

Villa Verde – good vibes, okay food

Il Riccio – lunch by the blue grotto


Lo Scoglio – most incredible place for lunch, we took a boat from Capri to Positano and made it a full day thing stopping here for my favorite lunch of the trip! MUST GO

Da Adolfo – best beach restaurant

San Pietro – go to see the hotel and have lunch

La Sponda – if you arent staying at Sirenuse go for sunset and dinner here

La Tagliata – family style for dinner (amazing views) (prepare to be FULL)

Ristorante Casa Mele

Da Vincenzo – regional food

Ristorante Max – in a small alley, artistic

Buca Di Bacco – healthy meal on the main beach

Chez Black – must go for pizza (on main beach)

La Cambusa

La Terra – charming restaurant cliff side


Day – Fontelina beach club, Lido Del Faro beach club, BOAT DAY (use Danilo and book a full day, shopping in town, explore AnaCapri (other side of the island). 
Go Out – Anaema e Core (lively old school Italian music, we went almost every night)
Path of the Gods – hike
Beach clubs – colorful umbrella beach clubs by the water
Go Out – Music on the Rocks 

The designer shops have some exclusive pieces for Capri but otherwise I didn’t really shop here.
CB by Kore – the most adorable dresses (Loveshackfancy vibes)
La Bottega Di Brunella – incredible linen store 
Emporio della Ceramica – best ceramics place, family owned
Emporia Sirenuse – store at Le Sirenuse 
Louise Moda Positano – fun colorful older looking pieces

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