Yes, we should continue to donate money, shop Black-owned businesses, and read the books on Black history (which, as we mentioned last week, we encourage if you have the means), but there are ways we can all support the BLM movement and help empower racial injustice that don’t require spending money. 

To continue the conversation, we compiled a handful of ways you can show your stance as an ally to the BLM movement and continue to educate yourself on systemic racism in our country and do better for the Black community. 

Ask Yourself 

Reflect and ask yourself: how you can actively be anti-racist, what are you doing to make changes in your daily life, have you had the uncomfortable conversations with your family and friends, are you unconsciously guilty of microaggression comments? Change starts from within, and we can all do better and learn more to make the world an equal and safe place. 

Use YouTube to Support 

Watch (and share) this video posted by Zoe Amira on YouTube. All ad revenue will be donated to associations benefiting Black Lives Matter. (Be sure to turn off your adblocker, don’t skip the ads, don’t pause the video, and view until the end.)

Warner Bros is also currently offering free rental of Just Mercy throughout June to encourage people to learn more about systemic racism. 

Paramount is offering SELMA for free rental.

Have open conversations with your children about race—don’t wait. Lead by example and teach them how to use their voice to help stand up to injustice. It’s your responsibility to give them the tools they need to grow up actively anti-racist. 

Sign Petitions 

Add your name to petitions that are demanding justice for innocent Black men and women—and forward and share them with your family and friends. Below are three you can sign, but there are several online petitions you can join to have your voice be heard and make a difference. 

#8CantWait campaign was launched by the @campaignzero as an initiative with proposals aimed at reducing the use of force by police. See how many policies your city has enacted and take action here

Justice for Breonna Taylor—the officers involved have yet to face charges. Say her name and sign the petition here or text “ENOUGH” to 55156

Join this petition in honour of justice for Tony McDade, a transgender Black man killed in Tallahassee by police officers. 

Listen to the Black Community 

Educate yourself through Black activists and thought leaders and listen to them. Listen to their stories and experiences before you ask questions about what you can do. Do your research and proactively change the conversation today, this month, and forever. We shared a starting list of accounts to follow here

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Unsure if you’re registered? Check your status here. It doesn’t end there though—show up to the polls and vote for elected officials who represent the change you want to see.

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