Detox Diaries: I Quit Caffeine for Two Weeks and Here’s What Happened…

If you’ve ever read any of our other Detox Diaries here on the site, you probably know that there’s a pattern here… I have to confess, I love doing experiments with trending health topics, diets, and even skincare regimens! It is so interesting to eliminate or add something to a daily routine and observe how much change it can cause—good or bad. Since the New Year has hit, I’ve been inspired to try one Detox Diary experiment that really tested my willpower and habits: quitting coffee. I know, I know… It can sound terrifying to those of us who would rather sit in traffic on the 405 than give up our morning cup of joe. But, as a 3-cup-a-day gal myself, I wanted to see how I felt when I gave up my coffee.

Scary as it was, I bit the bullet and gave up coffee for two weeks, and was so fascinated to see what changed in my daily routine. My game plan was this: Instead of my morning coffee, I brewed a cup of hot or iced green tea, and then sipped on water, herbal tea or the occasional kombucha throughout the day. Here’s what I found…

1. It eliminated my afternoon sweet tooth.
If you’re like me, you normally get an insane craving for sweets and sugar during those afternoon lull hours of 2pm to 4pm. It happens like clockwork on a daily basis, and I always find myself searching my cabinets for any source of sugar I can get my hands on. Of course, once the craving is satisfied, I don’t feel so great after about 30 minutes, when my blood sugar has plummeted and I feel even groggier than before. The biggest positive change I noticed when I gave up coffee for two weeks was that this sweet tooth simply vanished. I’m sure it was due to having steady energy throughout the day without the “crash” that coffee can cause. My morning cup of green tea seemed to energize me all through the afternoon, and if I craved anything, it was more hydration or protein instead of sugar.

2. I slept better.
No surprise here! Since my coffee habit could sometimes lead me to sipping a cold brew into the afternoon hours, I used to find that it would drastically affect my sleep. On these types of days, I would find myself lying in bed awake wondering why I couldn’t settle my mind and get to bed. However, after quitting the caffeine, my circadian rhythm was right on point—meaning I felt alert when the sun came up and got naturally sleepy when it got dark. I did add in this herbal sleepy time tea at night to keep hydrated and stay relaxed, so that probably helped.

3. I was able to wake up early without relying on caffeine.
Just as I mentioned above, not drinking coffee helped me to wake up early in the morning much more naturally. Popping out of bed for 5:30am workouts was no problem because I was in bed and able to fall asleep easier at a normal hour, and I could bet my bottom dollar that the quality of my sleep was much better throughout the night as well.

4. My skin improved.
My skin had a glow and my complexion cleared after about four days of no caffeine. I’m going to chalk this up to the better quality of sleep, but I also think that eliminating caffeine forced me to drink more hydrating liquids throughout the day like water and tea. Also, tea—especially quality organic kinds—can do wonders if you’re looking to get glowing skin and shiny hair.

Although I noticed these fabulous changes to my life after giving up coffee, being the coffee lover that I am, I am still going to enjoy a latte every once in a while. It made me aware of how much I was drinking and the effect it has on me, but I truly believe that everything is best in moderation. If you really love your coffee, there’s no need to cut it out for good!

Would you ever try a coffee detox?

What Detox Diary would you like to see me post next?

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Photos: Kathleen Gorski

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