Photo: At The VNYL, taken by Margeau Barnes
The VNYL (Vintage New York Lifestyle): There’s so much we love about this new spot, we don’t know where to begin. It could be the 70s inspired decor or maybe the fact that Adrian Grenier curates the music for its record adorned entrance (just maybe). It’s perfect for a date night because you can start off with a dinner and specialty cocktails, then move up stairs to the Black Rose Room for a great DJ. Also, don’t leave without checking out the Champagne Room, because…pink velvet couches, banana trees, and a rope swing.
Metropolis: If you’re in the mood to mix things up, head to Metropolis. It’s the new oyster room and cocktail lounge tucked beneath Blue Water Grill. The comfy velvet seating and live jazz five nights a week reinforce its classy and romantic atmosphere. Make sure to try their uniquely flavored oysters, like jalapeño margarita or smoky thousand island.
Slowly Shirley: The only place we love more than The Happiest Hour is the cocktail “sanctuary” that is hidden underneath. We think SS has the best of both worlds, because their menu has dishes from The Happiest Hour upstairs (aka the happiest burger) but all the elegant cocktails, art deco decor, and classic service to transport you back to the Golden Age.
Brandy Library: We don’t know many spots that serve as our go-to for date night or taking parents, but this is certainly one of them. The amber-lit walls are filled with floor to ceiling rows of brandy, where sommeliers use ladders to summon each fine bottle. What is even more memorable, is the fat encyclopedia-like menu, consisting of light bites, and every brown spirit or classic cocktail imaginable. Good thing the couches are comfy because you are going to want to stay a while.
Jue Lan Club: JLC’s sizzle factor lies in its collection of several intimate dining areas–the forbidden room, the Warhol room, the salon, and the alley, just to name a few. It definitely has an overall clubstaurant feel but it just depends what room you end up in. In a nutshell, expect to find high-end Chinese in (creatively) low lit areas–all you really need right?
Contributed by: Margeau Barnes, founder of @satisfeed / thesatisfeed.com.

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