After reading Into the Gloss, I didn't know they were the creators for, Glossier.  I went to Sephora with my friends  about 4 months ago and they convinced me that I really needed to try these product. I always like to try on beauty products and I said why the hell not. My mind was definitely blown away when they told me that the blog Into the Gloss that I get skincare and makeup tips from are by GlossierI purchased Skincare products and Makeup products for myself I'm very late to the party,  I’m happy and pleased  to share my thoughts on Glossier's products. 

Glossier’s motto is skin first, makeup second.  The first stage consists of 4 makeup products that get your skin ready for makeup.            

Milky Jelly Cleanser 
Probably my favourite product in the  set. I love the jelly like consistency/texture and the subtle rose scent. I’ve somewhat sensitive skin and it is able to remove all traces of makeup without any irritation. I have several cleansers I love and use already. This one is definitely a permanent player in my rotation for cleansers that I use. I use it after the gym and before going to bed. 

Priming Moisturiser
This moisturizer is a nice compliment to the cleanser. It isn’t really thick or moisturising enough for nighttime or when my skin needs an extra boost, but I like it for daytime and it has made my skin softer and plumper. If I apply makeup on top, it seems to go on smoother as well. 
I do really like it. I’m sure I also love the coconut version a lot as well. It’s a solid lip balm. 

Now that you have completed the skincare part, it's now time use the makeup products. Glossier products are for the makeup minimalist, but if you’re looking for the natural look, they will become your new favourite products. I know they have become mine. For the days that I want to minimal  makeup on my face I have Glossier products in rotation. 

Perfecting Skin Tint

I like thin consistence when it comes to skin tints I don't like gooey thick formula's. When I came across this skin tint I was surprisingly happy with the texture and its consistence. It does smooth out minor imperfections. I had was going between shades G4 and G5. The G5 is the prefect shade for my skin. My skin is really weird so I made up my mind that I was going to get both shades to see which one would be between turns out shade G5 was the one that matches my skin the best. 

Boy Brow

My new go to brow product. I use the shade brown even though I have dark brows. This is the best brow mascara.. I hope this product never get discontinued. 

Stretch Concealer 

To not conceal is a crime. A straight up crime I tell you. Apart, from my two favourite concealer Dior, and Hourglass. I have to admit that the stretch concealer is my third new concealer. I got it in shade G4 which is an extra deep shade. It does cover everything from dark circles to blemishes and it does eliminate redness, my face does look dewy, and glowy. 

Cloud Paint 

I like blushes, when I came across these gel based ones, after purchase it, it was easier to apply it this way I applied with my beauty blender, but things got messy, so I applied with fingers because it was easiest that way. It builds up really well. I can see why some people would love these. I purchased the shade  Dusk its my favourite because its more of a dark mauve shade. If you love blush, its worth it and worth a try! KLASSICTBABY APPROVED


After, trying out the skincare products and makeup products, I can say that these products have made their way into my beauty and skincare regiment along with my other skincare and makeup products. My favourites by far are the milky jelly cleanser and the boy brow, I do love the priming moisturiser as well. All of the products get the KLASSICTBABY APPROVED, I recommend the milky jelly cleanser and boy brow if you're only looking to buy a few products. 

I’ve been converted and I truly and honestly love Glossier and recommend it. I repurchase all the products I use and i will be buying and trying so new products.  Glossier gets a solid YES! From me!

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