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We’re all learning how to adjust to the new normal as we protect our families and communities by practicing social distancing so we can #flattenthecurve. For those able to work from home, this means setting up a new daily routine and figuring out ways to adapt. Aside from WFH office hours, now is the time to get creative with how we spend our days and nights indoors. We can use this time to slow down, spend time with our families, and reset our priorities. In the spirit of staying positive and to remind everyone we’re all in this together, we’re sharing educational and inspiring ways to pass the time. 

-This one should go without saying, but deep clean your home.
-Enroll in free online courses. Here’s a list of more than 400 classes from Ivy League schools.
-Learn how to play an instrument from YouTube.
-Read a book you’ve been meaning to finish.
-Listen to uplifting and motivational podcasts.
-Download an app like Duolingo and learn a new language (at your own pace).
-Rethink how you can make your house more functional. For example, reorganizing your kitchen and pantry areas.
-Have a remote movie night with friends thanks to Netflix Party.
-Explore virtual museum tours (herehere, and here).
-Take a virtual tour of national parks.
-Organize and clean out your closet. Arrange piles to donate to those in need.
-Cook and bake new (and old) recipes.
-FaceTime or call your family and friends.
-Schedule midday digital dance parties.
-Embrace at-home workouts. Try @colombianmafiafit’s energetic workout or @skyting and @loveyogaspace for a yoga session.
-Practice meditating.
-Journal things you’re grateful for.
-Create a vision board using items you have around the house.
-Build a puzzle.
-Color or draw (even as adults, it can be very soothing and therapeutic).
-For a not-so-fun task, get ahead of your taxes.
-Have virtual game nights with your friends. 
What in-house activities are you leaning on during this time? Share with us in the comments on Instagram.

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