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Not sure which type of milk is best for you? Or simply curious about the major health benefits of different types of milk? The breakfast drink has come a long way since most of us were children and drinking a daily glass of skim or 2% milk. Now when you walk through the milk aisle at the grocery store, there are shelves upon shelves of dairy and non-dairy options. 

We partnered with Elmhurst, a clean plant-based company that delivers simpler, better nutrition, made with more nut, grain, or seed sources and fewer ingredients (its unsweetened nut milks have just two). Elmhurst milk has up to four times more nuts per serving in its nut milks than other plant-based milks on the market. We also love Elmhurst’s commitment to sustainability and saving our water and land resources—as well as reducing emissions—by making the most of plants. All Elmhurst products are Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, gluten-free, and of course, dairy-free. The brand never uses any gums, added oils, emulsifiers, or stabilizers in its products. Today we’re sharing five unexpected ways to incorporate their milks into your next meal.

Now more than ever, it’s important to consider the shelf life of the products you’re buying for your household. Elmhurst’s plant-based milks not only have major health benefits; they also last longer at room temperature than traditional milk with a 6- to 10-month shelf-life. This advantage is courtesy of innovative aseptic technology and packaging (and has nothing to do with added preservatives, to be clear). This means you can rest assured that your family is stocked with nutrient-packed essentials, and you don’t have to worry about refrigerating until they’ve been opened. 

Below we’re breaking down the perks of using Elmhurst’s plant-based milks, plus a unique recipe for each.

Unsweetened Almond

Key benefits: Made with two ingredients—almonds and water. Low in carbs, high in fat and protein (5g protein per serving). Rich in vitamin E and healthy source of potassium.
Great for everyday use in: smoothies and cereal (hot and cold)
Unique recipe to try: Easy Cauliflower Alfredo 


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