By Alessandra Benson
Photo by Brody Levinsky 

The mind is a powerful force—it’s so easy to get in our head and overthink situations (that most likely will never surface) and send our thoughts into a spiraling episode that’s quite frankly draining as hell. Negativity is just that, draining and unproductive. Sure, we all have days where we’re entitled to be a Debbie Downer, but if this mindset starts to become a pattern and affect your attitude and overall outlook on life, a mental reset could be just what you need.

Below, we’re sharing 12 ways to boost your mood and ultimately be more positive. Read on to learn the helpful hacks we use to lift our spirits, and be sure to pass them along to anyone in your life who might need a little positivity pitched their way.

Start by keeping a “positivity jar”—or in today’s digital world, a positivity list in your phone’s Notes app—full of simple actions (like the ones we’re highlighting) that will halt negativity in its tracks:
-Text your friend three things you appreciate about them.
-Go on a walk.
-Remind yourself to take deep breaths.
-Do something for someone else.
-Save quotes that inspire you and look back at them when you’re feeling down.
-Call your family or close friends.
-Try your best to not overthink and to get out of your head.
-Keep track of what you’re grateful for (only takes 30 seconds with this daily journal).
-Remember to just enjoy the ride.
-Set boundaries (with work and friends/family).
-Start an album on your phone of photos that make you happy.
-Create a positive morning playlist to start your day. 
What hacks do you lean on to stay positive? We want to hear from you in the comments on Instagram.

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