What are essential oils?
“Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts that are created in nature by plants. These compounds are highly volatile and found in flowers, leaves, resins, roots, and other plant materials, which we then distill or express to extract the essential oil. Essential oils help plants survive and thrive, and have therapeutic benefits to humans. They can influence our mind, body, and spirit in ways that go well above the inherent qualities of their chemistry.” 
How to use them properly and safely 
“Typically, our essential oils and diffuser blends are intended to be diffused into the air using one of our Saje diffusers. Each oil blend is labeled with detailed instructions on the bottle to ensure proper use. We recommend adding 10-15 drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic, or scent ball to disperse essential oils throughout your home. You can drop less or more oil into your diffuser depending on how strong you prefer the oil potency. When applying essential oils topically or added to a bath, they should always be diluted with a carrier oil, like grapeseed or jojoba oil. Always use 100% essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser. Carrier oils used to dilute essential oils can damage a diffuser.
Neither the FDA in the US nor Health Canada recommend ingesting essential oils, and neither do we. None of our essential oils or essential oil blends are intended for internal use by anyone. While essential oils are considered beneficial for humans, you must conduct some personal research into the ingredients of your oils before diffusing around babies and pets.” 
Benefits of Essential Oils
Relieve pain: With recent studies indicating chronic pain to be a problem for 20% of the world’s population, and an additional 10% being newly diagnosed each year, plant-powered healing has become more trusted by users and proven by science. Essential oils can also aid recovery and soreness as a comforting supplement to your routine.
Sleep and relaxation: Essential oils can help support a good night’s rest and ease stress. Here are some common essential oils to promote relaxation and how they work to keep you calm:
• Jasmine: eases nervousness and supports relaxation
• Orange: calms and balances the body
• Chamomile: can decrease restlessness to promote sleep
• Valerian: soothing and restful
• Vetiver: relaxing and grounding
Feel better: There is no cure for the common cold, but using essential oils can help ease your symptoms. Our Fortify blend is made to combat the nasty cough and congestion feelings you experience with a cold. The oils in Fortify products are formulated with the opening and clearing power of menthol, supported by tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil for that relieving fresh-air feeling.
Relax and restore: Create a calming atmosphere and promote restful thoughts amid the busyness of your day with the Tranquility or Stress Release essential oil blends boasting notes of lavender, sage, chamomile, and marjoram. Perfect for bedtime or when you want a little down time.
Other uses: Aside from the previously mentioned oil blends that assist with pain and common cold symptoms, there are several other ways in which essential oils can support your well-being. When you’re feeling lousy, try an essential oil with a lemon or basil base to help boost your energy. Similarly, fennel and juniper berry are the best oils for feeling revitalized. Essential oils containing geranium and clary sage can even help with balance.”

Benefits of Diffusing

“Ultrasonic diffusers use an ultrasonic vibrating disc to create a fine, cool mist as it breaks down the essential oils and water into negative ions. Electronically created negative ions are similar to those found in nature, like surrounding waterfalls or in the crashing surf. Diffusing can refresh the air without the use of synthetic fragrances. 
Using essential oils in your diffuser lets you customize the aroma in your environment, while also getting the benefits of essential oils that are renowned to help support our wellness (stress relief, relaxation, energy, and more). To experience maximum benefits, place your diffuser closest to where you’ll be (e.g. on your bedside table, at your desk).”
Why they work
“Just like with plants, essential oils can be used to support and maintain our wellness. Essential oils are a tool to help influence our mood and access our memories and emotions, and they can cause physiological and emotional changes that impact our well-being. They work by creating a domino effect of sorts, starting with us inhaling aromatic molecules through the nose. These molecules bind to olfactory receptors and cause chemical reactions that act as signals sent to the brain that can then trigger physical and mental changes cascading throughout the body.
Physically, there is a lot of science that supports the use of essential oils. For instance, the use of lavender to treat burns dates back to 1910. It’s also around the time that lavender was traditionally used in various procedures, specifically childbirth, because it was both calming and used to manage pain for the mother.
Formulated together, essential oils may work synergistically together—enhancing and varying the end result of what you experience. Essential oils are agents of nature and represent the intricate relationships we find in the natural world. More than just a chemical, essential oils are a representation of life itself, in all its complexities, that can’t be explained through just chemistry. 
Plant-based medicine has been proven to help the body recover, naturally. That’s why many Saje essential oil blends are licensed as Natural Health Products in Canada and registered as OTC products in the USA. This means you can confidently choose 100% natural options to address many common health concerns.”

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