The world of supplements is complex. We’re constantly bombarded with an endless amount of intel, whether it’s fitness gurus, doctors, influencers, or wellness fanatics telling us what they take, what we need, etc. There are so many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, it’s hard to know what’s right for us. It’s important to take into consideration our basic needs, first and foremost.

Body type plays a huge role in this, because women’s body systems operate so differently than men’s. Our month breaks into four phases of our cycle, which requires a rotation of nutrients and help with sleep, stress, and energy. Here are some ingredients to keep an eye out for when searching for supplements or the next holy grail multi.

Vitamin B12

Everyone needs this vitamin, but us ladies really benefit from it throughout the month. It’s excellent for stabilizing mood, and it does this by synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin. A B12 deficiency might lead to bouts of depression due to low serotonin levels. Certain drugs, like Plan B and oral contraceptives, deplete our bodies of B12, so it’s super important to supplement when on those meds, or just getting off of them, as well.


This herbal powerhouse is not only going to give us a serious energy lift, but it can also help to mitigate stress. It does this by tonifying the adrenals, as well as the uterus, helping to bring back hormonal balance. It’s recommended for both pre-, during, and post-menopause for fatigue and insomnia.

Potassium Nitrate

For optimal health on all fronts, we have to keep things flowing. And by things, we mean blood. So many of us suffer from poor circulation, which can lead to cold extremities and lethargy on the lighter end, or inflammation and slower healing on the heavier end. Potassium helps the kidneys remove excess sodium from our bodies (which could also mean less bloat), which relaxes our blood vessels, promoting better circulation. This is great for skin clarity and health as well.

Vitamin C

Where to begin? It’s a crucial antioxidant and building block of collagen for promoting skin elasticity, a key player in immune support, and now studies are showing it’s actually great for mitigating stress by reducing our cortisol production. Don’t skimp on the C!


Consider this to be caffeine’s cute, well-adjusted cousin. It gives a boost of energy similar to caffeine, as well as increased stamina, mood, and motivation, but without the crash. Sciencesays it helps with cognitive performance, which is a must when working from home!

"I’m not usually into supplements because they tend to make my skin breakout, but I’ve had a completely different experience with Libby," says Talisa Richards, KTB's CEO and Founder. "I take them first thing every morning and I’ve noticed that my energy is up, my mood is lifted and so is my libido...I call it my anti-bitch pill and I won’t go a day without it!”

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